3 Ways Your Siding Could Be Causing Leaks

The siding on your home can boost its appearance while also keeping the interior safe from the elements. However, you might notice water stains along the outer walls inside your home. Can siding cause leaks, and if so, how does this happen?

1. Flashing and Sealing Problems

Leaks can occur if your home has incorrect flashing or if vulnerable areas aren’t sealed. These vulnerable spots include the areas around vents, windows, and doors. Whether you have incorrect flashing or sealing problems, water is able to seep into these areas and cause leaks inside your home.

Adding correct flashing and sealing in areas where it’s needed helps reduce the risk of having a leak develop. Siding professionals can help you determine where these areas are and handle the process of sealing or adding flashing as needed.

2. Gaps and Damage

Having gaps in your siding makes it easy for water to get inside. Other types of damage to your siding, such as warping or buckling, can also result in areas where water can seep into your home’s interior. Keep in mind that any type and size of the opening or gap is enough for water to enter.

Schedule repairs to have gaps in your siding fixed. If the damage is severe or if your siding is worn, consider replacing it with brand new siding. This helps prevent leaks from occurring. Keeping your siding in good condition with no gaps or openings is an important part of reducing the risk of leaks.

3. Clogged Gutters

Your gutters shouldn’t have debris in them. Debris stops water from traveling through them and flowing away from your home. When this happens, water can spill over onto your siding. This water can soak through your siding and reach the interior of your home.

Clean out your gutters at least twice a year or as often as needed to prevent leaks. Have a professional roofer clear your gutters for you if you’re unsure how to or to have it done as safely as possible. Having gutters with no debris allows rain or melted snow to flow through them without any problems. If you need new siding for your home, contact Midwest Roofing today. Our experts provide high-quality siding for residential customers from Columbia to Springfield. We can help you choose the right siding to enhance your home’s appearance.