How To Choose The Best Shingle Color

We get questions about shingle replacement all the time. How long will it take? How much will it cost? How will I know it’s time? But one question we’ve been hearing more and more recently is: How do you pick the right shingle color?

This didn’t used to be much of a question. Back in the day pretty much everybody chose classic black asphalt shingles. Thankfully, today’s homeowner has a lot more choices. 

How to Pick Shingle Color

When the time comes to update your home, exterior decorating is an important consideration. No one would ever order new siding without considering its color. The same logic applies to shingles. 

Modern asphalt shingles come in a spectrum of colors. This gives you a wide array of choices to compliment other aspects of your home and landscaping. Shades of gray, brown, blue, red, and tan are some of the most popular shingle colors; the options are almost without limit. Important things to consider when choosing your shingle color include:

  • The color of your house: Do you want your shingles to contrast with your siding and trim or blend in?
  • Energy efficiency: darker colors absorb more heat from the sun. 
  • Homeowner association rules: HOAs may have guidelines for home improvements, including single colors. 
  • Personal preference: some people simply prefer certain colors; it’s important you like the way your home looks!

Learn More About Shingle Colors and Options

Shingle color isn’t the only consideration which gives you options to consider. Have you thought about the shape of your shingles? What about different material options? It’s possible something other than asphalt shingles might be the best choice for your roof. Your roof might be better with slate, metal, cedar shakes, or tile roofing. 

Driving around your neighborhood and getting some idea what your neighbors are using is a great way to get some inspiration. It can also help to talk to a professional roofing contractor about your options. 

Midwest Roofing is here to help. Our team is committed not only to quality craftsmanship and to helping you make the best choices for your home. This is how we’ve become one of the leading roofing companies in the Columbia and Springfield areas. Contact us today to learn more about all the different roofing materials we have to offer, and how to choose the best one for your home.