While the outside of your home and roof may see improvement projects, look inside too! Your home is your castle and its interior design is an extension of your personality. Whether you’ve already taken an active hand in redecorating your home or are still choosing the first shade of paint, don’t forget the peripherals! We’ve all seen at least one example of mismatched fixtures, often in the form of a dingy, beige light switch and outlet covers on freshly painted walls. But what about your vents? Don’t settle for the old defaults, dress up your home with fixtures that match your style.

The Old Standard

Most homes have aging, plain metal vents coated in thin white paint which has been slowly chipping for years. Most likely, these are the same vent covers put in when the house was built, so it’s no wonder they look dated. At the very least, these vents probably need cleaning, but why not replace them entirely? From medieval iron to carved wood filigree, there are hundreds of decorative vent styles to enhance the class and style of your décor instead of subtly detracting from it. Vents are usually anchored by two to six smalls screws, making them easy to replace. Try a replacement upgrade!

Form and Function

When shopping for decorative vent covers there are three things to look for: if it suits your style, if it fits in your vent aperture, and if it has air-flow controls. Only you know what style fits you, but issues of the function should not be trifled with. The most beautiful vent cover in the world will look silly on an aperture that is too small or too large. If you shop with your vent measurements on-hand, most vendors can guide you to a selection that will suit your needs. Flow control is another matter, one that you may or may not give consideration, but the ability to open and close vents can be very useful in cases of centralized temperature control. If this is important in your household, don’t forget to shop for vents with this mechanism.

Material and Longevity

While the material and appearance of your vent is completely up to you, remember that you are replacing a metal panel that was built to last for years (and did successfully). If you choose a vent cover that is flimsy or subject to decay, expect to be replacing it sooner rather than later. Sealed metal is the most durable choice, followed by sealed wood and strong plastics. For apertures in sturdy outdoor walls, stone vents may have an interesting appeal.

Every air vent is another opportunity to decorate your walls or floor. Why settle for the old, white, bland standard when a simple change can complete your beautiful interior design? While you’re at it, don’t forget to check your light switch and outlet covers, for they may be due for an upgrade as well. Want to talk vents? Our home and roofing experts are ready to help. Contact us today to learn more!