It’s joyous summertime! The smells of freshly cut grass and chlorine fill the air, and the sounds of ice cream trucks and cheerful children ring in the distance. Your roof, on the other hand, isn’t having such a great time. If you live in Southern or Midwest states, summers no doubt get hot. It’s important not to underestimate the damage heat can do to your roofing. Let’s look at three ways to tell that heat is affecting and damaging your roof.

How Heat Affects Your Roof

Before we talk about the ways to tell that heat has been taking a toll on your roof, it’s important to understand how heat damages your roof.

Hot Summer Days and Cool Summer Nights

Summer is notorious for having hot days and cooler nights. This change of temperature may feel great to you, but it’s torture for your roof. As the temperatures shift, your roof expands and contracts with the temperature. This thermal shock can end up causing your roof to splinter and split.

UV Rays

Your roof gets hot during the summer, sometimes almost twice the outside temperature! The roof is exposed prolongingly to UV rays. Over time, this UV ray exposure from the sun causes cracks, curling, bumps, and other disfigurations to your roof. Applying treatment to your roof is a great way of preventing some of the damage that UV rays cause.

3 Ways to Tell That Your Roof is Taking Sun Damage

Color Fades

If you are starting to notice the color of your shingles disappear, then it’s probably being exposed to heat damage. Over time, this heat will eventually eat away at the discolored shingles. If you notice discoloring, think about getting a repair team out before the damage gets too extreme.


If you see that your shingles are starting to curl upwards, then you definitely have a heat issue. At this point, you are living on borrowed time. It’s best to try to fix the shingles as soon as possible, as they will continue to get worse in the heat.

Cracks, Bumps, and Crumbles

Heat can cause major damage to your roof. If you start to see cracking, a lot of bumps, or some of the shingles are starting to crumble, call your roofer. Cracks and bumps are usually easily repaired, but given time, they can put the entire structure of your roof in jeopardy.

Are you noticing any heat damage on your roof? If so, contact us; we will give you a free inspection and an estimate to repair or replace your roof affordably, so your house can survive summer safely.