Gutter Terminology 101: How To Sound Like A Pro

There are a lot of different complicated terms in gutter terminology. However, many homeowners can sound like a pro by knowing a few simple words. Read on to learn more about these fundamental parts of your home’s gutter system.

  • Downspouts are the descending portion of your gutter system. Downspouts are responsible for diverting the water away from the roof. In general, a downspout should be installed for every 20 ft of gutter.
  • Endcap is the covering installed on the corners of the gutter system. Gutter end caps are manufactured using either vinyl or aluminum. Endcaps should be sealed with caulking in the corner to prevent issues with leaks.
  • Fascia is the portion of the roof the gutter system is attached to. Fascia board is cut from materials like redwood, cedar, or pine.
  • Gauge refers to the thickness of the gutter. For homes with heavier rainfall throughout the year, .032 gauge gutters are the best option. The majority of residential gutter systems consist of .027 gauge metal.
  • Gutters are often made from vinyl or metal materials. The gutters drain rainwater falling from the roof, preventing water damage to the fascia or siding. Without a gutter system, water can damage your home’s siding and foundation.
  • Hangers refer to the aluminum fasteners used to secure each section of the gutter to the fascia board. Hangers consist of a bolt and bracket assembly. Some are designed to remain hidden from view once installed.
  • Pitch is the slight angle which gutters must be installed with. Having the correct slope of the gutters is essential. This ensures water can drain from the roof without resistance. Most gutters have a pitch of about 5/8ths of an inch per 20 feet of gutter.
  • Ice Dams occur when snow on the roof melts and refreezes in the gutter system. Making adjustments to attic ventilation can help to stop ice dams from happening.

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