Gutter systems are more than long boxes that border the perimeter of your home’s roof. The system includes:

  • the horizontal gutters themselves, which catch and redirect water away from your roof and fascia,
  • the gutter hangers, which support the system and redistribute the weight, and
  • the downspouts that control the flow of captured water and redirect it from your foundation line and landscaping.

Every element of your home’s gutter system is essential to keeping your house safe from water damage. It drains rainwater away from the structure so you don’t have to worry about pooling water, sharply eroding soil, or worn concrete surfaces around the home’s perimeter.

How do gutters protect your house?

When rainwater rolls down a roof without a gutter system, the water rolls off the roof edge in heavy sheets. This can drench you as you enter and exit your home during the rain. It can also start to damage any paths or your driveway slab because the continuous impact of water will start to wear away and stain the concrete.

If the collected rain falls onto your yard’s soil, the damage can be even more severe. It will cut into the soil and cause erosion that makes your foundation unsettled or form new pressure points. A single heavy storm, or even a few bouts of light rain, can put your foundation at risk. If your home is built at the bottom of a small incline, the rainwater will also pool against your exterior walls and doorways, potentially leading to other major problems like wood decay.

Lining the edges of your roof with gutters redirects the water to strategically arranged downspouts. These spouts send the water away from your home’s perimeter as well as vulnerable concrete surfaces and landscaping. If your house is built on an incline, gutters can divert the collected water, wrap around the edge of your house, and send it downhill, so it won’t flood your property.

Different features in your gutter system, such as leaf guards or seamless gutters, can keep your home safer and make maintenance easier. They also protect your roof’s edges from water damage. Contact Midwest Roofing to learn more and to consult with a specialist to find which gutter systems are right for your home.