Can Gutters Really Be Replaced in the Winter?

Gutters ignore calendars. They fail in winter just as easily as they fail in fair weather. By working with a professional gutter installation company, you can get great gutters year-round. 

Installing Gutters in Winter

Gutters are the last part of your home’s complete roofing system. They whisk water away from your roof, keep it away from your Missouri home’s foundations, and protect your lovely landscaping.

In winter, gutters can become clogged with snow and ice, causing ice dams which threaten your home with water infiltration. 

Gutters in winter can also sag or dent from ice and snow weight. Then they no longer work to drain water into downspouts. Downspouts themselves can clog with ice, causing meltwater to overflow the gutters. This overflow can soak the fascia boards behind the gutters, causing rot and water leaks in your attic. 

Cycles of winter freezes and thaws age your gutters faster than you’d expect, forcing you to consider gutter replacement, even in the middle of winter. 

A highly trained gutter installer can remove and replace gutters, even in winter, if:

  1. Temperatures are warm enough for trained gutter installers to work, and
  2. Your home’s gutters are free of snow and ice

If your home is locked in winter’s grip, if ice dams and heavy snow fill your gutters and roof edge, you may have to wait until early spring for full gutter replacement. 

Exploring Your Options

To really get an accurate idea of when your gutters can be replaced, nothing beats a visit by your local roofer and gutter installation service. Never agree to a price quote without the installer visiting your home.

Your gutters may be icebound and your roof may be covered in a foot of snow, but even with those conditions, your friendly, local roofer and gutter installer should be able to give you a sense of costs, scheduling, and the scope of work involved. You can also use this time to select the gutter size, color, and options like Waterloov gutter guards.

Most roofers prefer not to fight Mother Nature and will try to schedule installation of your new, seamless gutters for the first warm days of the year. Since our winters can be quite mild, we can often replace gutters year-round. If your home needs gutters now, delay can mean more trouble. Please contact us today at Midwest Roofing, to see if it’s warm enough to get your gutters replaced now.