If you have asphalt shingles on your rooftop, taking steps to prepare and maintain them during wintertime will be necessary, so they do not sustain damage. Failure to do routine upkeep of your roof can lead to needing repairs if water makes its way into your home or building. Follow these steps to keep your roof in the best condition when the threat of snow, ice, and freezing temperatures arise.

Trim Back Tree Limbs

It is a good idea to do an assessment of the trees around your home or building before winter and as the season carries on. Look for tree branches that hang over the building and use a saw or limb cutter to remove them, so they do not snap and fall on your roof from freezing, solid precipitation weighing them down.

Tend to Gutters

Gutters tend to fill up with leaves during the fall, making it more difficult to divert water and lead precipitation away from the building. If debris is not removed, water that pools around and atop the roof can cause damage to the lowest layer of shingles. This can be avoided by clearing accumulated debris from gutters and checking them on a regular basis to ensure runoff has a place to go.

Keep Up with Snow and Ice Removal

When snow lands on a rooftop, it should be removed as soon as possible, so the weight isn’t too continuously taxing on your roof. Investing in a roofing shovel made especially for snow removal is extremely helpful. Make sure to remove the snow after a few inches fall, so it does not get too heavy for the tool. Allowing heat to get to the attic will also aid in helping snow and ice to melt at a quicker rate.

Follow these simple maintenance steps to prevent further damage. To learn more about winter roofing tips or if your roof needs repair, contact us today.