Asphalt shingles are still one of the most popular and cheapest roofing options. You can get about 20 years out of a good asphalt roof, and it can be done at a reasonably low cost. However, another segment of the market in roofing that is quickly gaining in popularity is the metal roof. Metal roofing has historically been an option for commercial or industrial properties without a large demand in residential property. No longer is this the case, as advances in this material have made it much more popular for homes.

The cost of a metal roof is somewhat more expensive than asphalt shingles, but costs are coming down with increased demand and more efficiency in creating the materials. A metal roof has multiple color options and will complement the overall architectural style of the property itself. Even though the initial installation expense of a metal roof may be greater, the lifespan of the roof itself is also much longer. A metal roof will last well over 40 years, and in many cases over 70 years! Clearly, the metal roof may outlast the home on which it sits.

Metal roofing has a stigma for being loud when it rains. This has become much more neutralized with added insulation and measures taken to dampen the sound. A metal roof can also be a more energy-efficient option, equating to savings on heating and cooling costs. Cool metal roofing is a lighter color, as it reflects the rays of the sun rather than absorb them. When this happens, the heating and cooling unit regulates easier and doesn’t have to turn on and expend energy as often.

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