Deciding on a roof for your home is an investment that stays with and impacts you for decades. Cost is a major factor, but other variables like size, the complexity of the roof shape/structure, and more determine what would be best for you and your home. These four roofing materials are popular and may be greatly beneficial, but you should weigh them with the drawbacks to make sure you don’t regret your decision years down the road.


A tile roof is long-lasting, comparable to metal roofing. And because it’s ceramic (think coffee cup or vase) it’s fireproof. The bad news? Tile roofs don’t fare well when walked on. And because of their curly shape, high winds could get underneath, lift them, and cause potential havoc in debris and water damage when your roof structure has been exposed.


Slate is a stone-like roofing material that won’t rot or catch on fire, and it has a stately, rustic look. Numerous styles and colors are available, and barring unusual events, should last about a century! However, like most products of value, it’s expensive and fragile, so gutter and roof cleaning, repairs, or maintenance require great caution.


If you decide on a metal roof, you still must narrow it down to which metal. There are four main metal roof types. The benefit of having a metal roof installed is the “roofing cycle”, or life span. Aluminum, galvanized steel, and tin all boast a minimum of 35 years! Copper? It will probably outlive the homeowner if the homeowner can afford it in the first place, as it can get a bit pricey.


The same substance we drive on is one of the most popular roof covering and is usually the least costly to install. Multiple colors are available to match your home’s tone and aesthetics. Asphalt shingles readily adapt to the shape of the structure underneath, so it’s naturally good at being waterproof. Unfortunately, asphalt isn’t extremely durable if it encounters heavy foot traffic or falling debris. However, it reacts well to temperature extremes, hence its popularity.

Deciding how to choose a roof for your home is an investment involving future decades! For complete information on your best choice, contact us today.