Doing a bit of do-it-yourself roof maintenance can help prolong the life and integrity of your roof. If you feel comfortable doing tasks like cleaning your gutters, removing debris, and quickly inspecting for potentially bent or missing shingles, then you should do it to keep your roof in good shape. But when you’re accessing your roof, make sure you follow these crucial safety tips.

Never access your roof alone.

Even if you trust your ladder or you’re just reaching the gutters, always have someone who can help you out, either directly with the task at hand or as a spotter to monitor if something goes wrong. Not only can they call for help if there’s an emergency, but also, they can help secure the ladder, hand you equipment so you don’t have to carry it up and down yourself, and perform tasks on the ground so you reduce the total number of trips and potential risks from movement on the ladder.

Always keep ladder safety in mind.

Climbing up to your roof is often higher off the ground than you might expect and can feel precarious. Be sure you position the ladder securely and at an adequate angle, and never climb near a power line. Always keep at least three points of contact as you climb, and try to keep both of your hands and feet free when finally positioned. Never lean to the side while on a ladder; if something is out of reach, climb down and reposition the ladder to climb within reach.

Know when to call in an expert.

Some roofing tasks are dangerous. If you need shingles repaired, flashing replaced, or overhanging branches trimmed, hire a professional instead of taking on the job yourself. Not only are many of the tools sharp and the jobs require work from multiple points of access, but some roofs are also far too steep or treacherous for safe DIY repairs.

If you’ve seen signs of roof damage, have second thoughts about climbing your roof, or want a professional roofer to help you finish a DIY job, contact us to schedule an appointment to see how we can help!