How Long Does It Take A Professional To Side A House?

Siding provides an essential layer of protection from the elements and helps to prevent water from entering the home. If your siding has begun to crack or deteriorate, it may be time to invest in a complete siding replacement. Read on to learn more about how professionals perform siding installations and how long these projects usually take to complete.

The Average Timeline of Siding Replacement

The vast majority of siding installations take approximately 4 to 7 days to complete. The size and design of a home will affect the difficulty and timespan of the project. Adverse weather conditions may also cause some delays on siding projects. Your siding contractor will go over the project details with you beforehand and discuss the projected length of time it will take to finish the siding install.

The Steps Involved in Siding Replacement

First, professionals will need to remove any existing siding before installing new siding. If your home’s siding is especially worn down, it is likely necessary to remove the underlayment and house wrap as well. Once this is done, workers will install any needed OSB board or plastic sheathing to create a consistent, flat surface to support the new siding. The final step is attaching the siding to the underlayment. Professionals will start cutting and installing siding boards beginning at the bottom of the house, working their way up to the eaves.

Why Siding Installation is Best Left to Professionals

To ensure the job is done quickly and efficiently, it’s a good idea to rely on the expertise of local siding professionals. Installing siding requires close attention to detail and experience working around corners and trimmed openings. Experienced professionals are familiar with installing siding around soffits, eaves, and fascia. Another reason to avoid DIY siding installation is experts already have all the tools needed for the task. This combination of knowledge and resources allows siding professionals to complete the installation with fewer interruptions or issues. When it’s time to replace the old siding on your Missouri home, trust Midwest Roofing to provide superior service. Our team has considerable experience installing siding on homes throughout Columbia and Springfield, delivering quality craftsmanship to all our valued clients. Call us today to speak with a member of our team about installing your new siding.