Anytime you can better protect your roof, you’re making the right investments for your home and helping your wallet. Roofs with asphalt shingles typically have layered shingles for added strength against leaks and deterioration. Similarly, metal and single-ply roofs can get a roof coating to reduce heat damage and energy transfer that will prolong roofs’ lifetime.

What are the benefits of adding a roof coating?

  • It creates a reflective surface. Reflective coatings, or white coatings, help reflect light away from your roof instead of absorbing it. This reduces the amount of heat entering the building. Not only does this mean that areas with less circulation, like the attic, will be less stifling, but you will need less air conditioning to bring rooms to a comfortable temperature, which will save you money and energy.
  • The coating material reduces thermal shock and leaks. Applied correctly, a roof coating acts as another layer to prevent water from entering your building through the roof. Also, because it helps keep the roof cooler and binds tightly to the top of your roof, it helps mitigate the roof’s expansion and contraction due to temperature shifts, which can weaken the structural integrity and sprout leaks from your roof.

Roof coatings can drastically extend the lifespan of your roof. However, be sure to inspect your house first. If your roof already has rust or cracks, just adding a coating isn’t a sealing solution. Instead, contact a roofing specialist to remove the corroded pieces and treat the metal, and to finally re-inspect the roof to make sure coating it will be beneficial in protection. If you’re considering coating your roof, need a qualified review, or would like professional roofing services at reasonable rates, contact us today to learn more.