The spring and upcoming summer storm seasons are upon us, and you should be prepared for the potentially damaging bouts of weather. Many people tend to just brush off storms and deal with them when they come, but you don’t want to put yourself in a position where the impact is greater than you expected and you’re not ready to recuperate. Consider these tips to best protect your roof and your home from harsh storms.

Secure Doors and Windows

First and foremost, inspect all your doors and windows to make sure that they are in good condition. Old doors and windows in need of repair or replacement should be fixed as soon as possible. Even if your doors and windows are in good shape, they still need to be locked and tightly secured to help prevent any flying debris from making its way into your home during a storm, like a tornado. During strong storms with strong winds, the air pressure in your home can quickly change for the worse, causing your roof to act as a parachute. Therefore, it’s important to make sure that you are sealed in tightly, especially during the height of a storm.

Secure Loose Items

Keep in mind that anything on your property could potentially become airborne during a bad storm, putting your roof and your home at great risk. Make sure to properly secure any loose items, or bring them inside if you know that a storm is on the way. For example, store patio furniture in your garage or shed.

Secure Branches and Watch for Potential Debris

Think of branches as large whips during a storm. In high winds, they swing back and forth and have no mercy on anything around them. There should not be any branches within 6 feet of your house. Be extra wary about branches that are near the edge of your roof, since you don’t want that part of your roof getting damaged during a storm.

Remember to take care of your car as well. If you can’t put your car in a garage, make sure that it’s not parked under any large trees or branches that may break or send debris flying about, damaging your investments.

For more tips on protecting your roof from harsh storms, or if your home’s roof has been hit hard from the destructive weather and you’re needing repair or replacement, please contact us at Midwest Roofing.