How Often You Need To Replace Your Gutters

A gutter system can last decades, but it takes intentional care to get the fullest lifespan out of your gutters. Maintenance is the key to putting off gutter replacement for as long as possible. 

When the time comes for gutter replacement, only work with a trusted gutter professional. Here’s what you need to know about the lifespan of your gutters. 

The Average Lifespan of a Gutter System

Typical residential gutters are made out of galvanized steel or aluminum and last about 20 years. They can last longer with proper care. While you can apply the “if it’s not broken, don’t fix it” rule to gutters, routine maintenance is essential. There are also a handful of other factors which potentially threaten the lifespan of your gutters:

  • Improper installation
  • Severe weather and storm damage
  • Ice dams

What You Can Do to Make Your Gutters Last Longer

There are numerous ways to extend the lifespan of your gutters. The most important thing you can do is inspect them and clean out leaves and other debris collected in them. It’s best to do this at least twice every year. In the spring and in the fall should be enough for most homes. If you have several trees, you’ll want to check your gutters more often. 

You should also know how to recognize signs of a potential issue:

If you see a possible problem, or if your gutters become damaged by a storm, contact a professional right away. 

What We Do to Make Your Gutters Last Longer

Catching small problems before they become big problems is the key to making your gutters last longer. Our team can inspect your gutters to identify any potential issues. We will work with you to develop a routine maintenance plan to keep your gutters healthy in the long run. 

We’d rather repair your gutters to avoid having to replace them for as long as possible. When the day comes to replace your gutters, we’re here to help. Ready to learn more or schedule a gutter inspection? Contact Midwest Roofing today. From Columbia to Springfield, we’re committed to providing the best roof and gutter service in Missouri.