For many homeowners, hiring a roofer is stressful and expensive. You want to hire someone that is trustworthy, works at a fair price, and keeps busy. Getting a new roof is something many of us only have to do once or twice in a lifetime, so what qualities should you look for in a roofer?

  • Have a written contract with a professional roofing company contractor that ensures the installation will follow instructions provided by the manufacturer. If you spend money on a product that isn’t installed correctly, the warranty will be voided. We offer our own lifetime guarantee on the work we do.
  • Agree to a timetable for payment and work. Don’t hire a contractor if they want entire payments upfront. You may need to pay for materials when they are delivered to your site but never pay for everything before any work is done. Set expectations for what needs to be done on a timeline and when appropriate payment installations need to be met. This ensures both parties stick to an agreeable project.
  • Find a certified roofer that is busy. Just because they’re busy doesn’t mean you won’t get worked into their rotation. If they’re sitting on their hands waiting for the phone to ring, that means their referrals aren’t good, and business and quality may be low. Busy roofing crews are good roofing crews.
  • Find an established local roofer who can give you good advice about the best roof for your job. Often, good roofers even have a color to recommend because they’ve been on hundreds of roofs and know what looks good on a certain house. Trustworthy roofers can advise you on the best materials for your roof and various other considerations that will comfort your confidence that your house will not only be in good shape, but it will also look great.
  • Finally, drive around and look at some houses a roofer has recently worked on. Often, a good recent roofing job doesn’t stand out, but a bad one will. Talk with other homeowners if you can, and gather details about their satisfaction not only on the end product but also the project process and experience with the roof workers.

A new roof is a big investment. Take the time and do your homework to find someone you can trust for your house. For more information about choosing the most certified roofer for you, contact us today!