What Your Residential Roofing Checklist Needs To Include

It’s important to invest in regular roof maintenance and to schedule roof inspections at least twice a year. Roofing professionals will check on the health of your roof and see what needs to be addressed. Here are a few ways you can make the job of inspecting your roof a little easier for professionals.

Check for Signs of Roof Damage from the Ground

Homeowners should never get on a roof themselves. However, some issues can be seen from ground-level. The first step you should take is to walk around the perimeter of your house and look for any visible damage to the siding, gutters, or fascia. On the ground, look for roof shingles which may have broken off. If the roof has been damaged, you may also see roofing granules on the ground near the downspouts. This could indicate your asphalt shingles are reaching the end of their lifespan.

Keep an eye out for puddles of standing water near the foundation of your house. Water collecting around the house could mean there’s a leak or blockage somewhere in the gutter system. Signs of water damage may also be seen inside the house if there is a roof leak. Look for any indications of moisture on the ceiling as it will lead to mold if not properly taken care of right away.

Preparing for a Roof and Attic Inspection

Relocate items which may block the path of roofing professionals before they inspect your roof and attic space. This could include stored items around the edge of the house obstructing ladder access or items in the attic which may make thorough inspection more challenging. Professionals will want to check the structural integrity of your roof’s frame and look for any water leaks which may have gone undetected.

Provide Documentation of Past Inspections or Repairs

Have any documents regarding past repairs or inspections ready to show roofers when they arrive. It will give professionals a clearer picture of your roof’s history and help make the inspection process easier. Once your inspection is complete, be sure to get a copy of updated inspection documents for home insurance purposes.If it’s time to have your roof inspected, contact Midwest Roofing and we’ll perform the inspection for free. Since 2008, our team of committed experts have served homeowners from Columbia to Springfield, providing superior service you can rely on. We’re happy to answer your roofing questions and guide you through the process of roof repair, replacement and inspection.