How To Know When Your Siding Can Be Repaired

Repair is the most convenient and cost-effective way to fix siding damage. Typically, it also extends your siding’s life and delays the need for a costlier re-siding project.

Siding is prone to wear and tear, just like any other material. Therefore, repair and replacement are unavoidable. This article covers siding repair essentials, like signs to look out for and who to contact for the best siding repair services.

Tell-tale Signs Your Siding Needs Repair

Your siding needs regular repairs to sort out damages caused by harsh weather elements, fungus and mold, and insects. Here a few signs you need repair services:

  • Dents, rotting, or holes punched in the siding. Holes, dents, and rotten siding allow moisture to seep through and damage your walls. If you see any of these signs, get professional help from a certified contractor without hesitation.
  • Peeling paint. Siding in poor condition is likely to cause peeling paint in your home. It is a sign your siding is letting moisture and water wreak havoc inside your walls. If you fail to address this problem quickly, the damage will continue to take a toll on your entire house.
  • Shabby, faded siding. Your home’s siding protects you and your household against harsh elements. As a result, it is likely to get battered and worn out. If you notice any noticeable fading or shabbiness, consider calling for an inspection.
  • Unexpected increase in energy bills. Siding helps you reduce energy costs by insulating your home. If your heating and cooling bills have skyrocketed unexpectedly in the recent past, chances are high your siding is in poor condition and needs replacement.
  • Loose or missing siding pieces. Minor repairs are ideal if your siding has one or two loose panels. However, if you notice an alarmingly high number of loose and missing pieces, chances are high you will need siding replacement because repairs will be ineffectual.

When Is Siding Replacement Necessary?

There are instances when your siding will need to be replaced entirely. If you notice numerous damaged panels and boards, you need a total replacement rather than multiple repairs.

It is possible to fix any cracks, peels, or fading on your siding through simple repairs. However, if you start noticing them one too many times, the best solution is to replace your siding,

Finally, as much as repairs are necessary, they shouldn’t be too frequent. One obvious sign you need siding replacement is if you have been tackling too many repair projects within a short time span.

Contact Professionals

Professional roofers are usually trained to spot and repair siding damages quickly and conveniently. As a residential homeowner, there are various repair signals you are likely to overlook or underestimate. To ensure your house is thoroughly inspected and any damages are supremely fixed, hire certified experts from Midwest Roofing. Our team is ready to meet and exceed your expectations whenever you need siding repair and replacement services. Call us today and get a free inspection.