Just like with any insulation, insulating a commercial roof is a great investment that saves energy and money for years. The darker the roof is, the more heat the building can absorb/not reflect, making insulation even more valuable in energy retention. If you’re needing to insulate a commercial building roof or need to consider it, keep these few tips in mind.

  • Make sure the roof is ready for insulation. Installation always works best on a clean surface, so clear the roof of debris and dirt. This is also the perfect inspection time to check for leaks, as well as any holes or cracks in the surface that you can seal with grout. Once the insulation is done, it will be much harder for future contractors to get to the source of underlying problems. Get initial steps and repairs done now, so you won’t have to double back and pay more for extra work in the future!
  • Check T-joints and seams for weaknesses. Any voids or weak areas along the roof should be tested before you finish up. Not only does this provide peace of mind post-insulation installations, but it means you won’t have to make additional repairs and can move on to other parts of life quickly.
  • Have the right facilities to keep polyiso insulation dry. Polyiso material is the most efficient material for building insulation but only if it’s kept dry before installation. Otherwise, the material can warp and become too difficult to adhere or nail to a flat surface. After it’s installed, be sure to keep it dry, as you should have done in the first tip above.

Roofing insulation is regularly listed as one of the top projects for homeowners, but commercial building owners and tenants can get just as many benefits from the right insulation. To read more about roof insulation and tips for installation, contact us today.