Smart houses and technology are growing fast and are already doing a lot to keep people safer. Advanced locking systems can recognize inhabitants and let them in while deterring criminals with security that can’t be beaten by a bump key. Sensors in the sockets and circuit breakers send you alerts if something is powered on when it probably shouldn’t be and let you turn it off remotely. Even temperature controls can let you monitor and adjust your home’s temperature while away on vacation. Make sure you have the same control and advanced notice when it comes to your roof by adding these technologies.

Weight Detection Sensors

If you’re taking a vacation, it can be stressful leaving your home unsupervised during seasonal events like winter snow or spring storms. A lot can go wrong without someone stop these problems, and the recurring worries can ruin your trip.

Put pressure sensors on your roof to detect common threats to the roof’s structure. These sensors can detect when too much snow is piling or if a branch broke off a nearby tree and landed on your roof. Then you have the data you need to make the call to a snow removal or landscaping company. Not only can you address problems as soon as they happen, but you also have the peace of mind of knowing nothing is currently wrong in real-time.

Moisture Detectors

Everything from ice dams to heavy winds can conspire to get water through your roof. Once water works its way into common weak points, water will use the same path repeatedly until the underlying wood is weakened and the insulation is ruined.

Make your roof smarter with sensors that let you know if moisture is going where it should not be. You can even fine-tune the sensors to know if the problem is with too much moisture in the air, the result of a busted pipe in the attic, or even specific roof damage like ice dams or displaced shingles.

A smart roof can draw your attention to problems immediately, whether you’re away or the signs of damage are visually undetectable. These tech and devices are comforting investments for your home. Contact us for more tips and tools to keep your roof secure.