The best way to approach spring cleaning is with a checklist. If you prepare now and have a plan for what you need to clean, inspect, or repair, you know what areas need attention, and you can run through your list without wasting time and doubling back over the same tasks. Your home’s roof needs a cleaning as well, so make sure you thoroughly examine your roof by considering these improvement opportunities.

Clear Gutters

Don’t just check to make sure the top gutters are blocked with leaves. Flush vertical gutters for any debris or clogs, check for rust and clean the exteriors. Also, pour a bucket of water over them or use a hose to manually run water through them, ensuring there are no blockages or cracks.

Trim Trees

If trees are planted close to your roof, the branches can dig under your shingles and cause them to bend or snap. These branches are also highly suspect in cluttering your gutters with twigs and leaves. Trim and prune smaller trees if you have the proper equipment, or call a professional for large or difficult branches. If you have fast-growing trees, you might consider doing this step twice a year.

Inspect the Roof

Wind damage and general wear and tear can rip up the surface of your roof, so you will need to visually examine the following for damages, loose edges, and exposed wood:

  • Shingles: the tabs might be loose, bent, or torn off
  • Flashing: the metal vents and hardware across your roof might be rusted or have corners lifting free of the roof
  • Eaves: If you received snow during winter, check the edge of your roof for signs of softwood and water damage

Maintaining your roof’s exterior once a year or when you notice damage is the best way to prolong the life of your roof and to prevent water damage inside your home. Spring brings warmer weather and is a great time to finally get outside and do some maintenance on your home. For more tips on how to take care of and improve your roof, contact us today.