Most of us have the plants our house came with. Unless you like to garden, it can be difficult to know if the plants are local species, if they need special care during seasons, or if they need more or less water than normal to keep them moderately thriving. If you want to reduce your water bill without drying out your yard, here are two ways to keep your plants healthy, no matter what type they are.

Protect your trees and hedges with a layer of mulch.

Whether you have a mulched pile of leaves or you buy mulch at your local home improvement store, adding it in any season can help any plant. Mulch retains moisture, so you don’t have to water plants as much around the year. It also acts as an insulating layer to keep the worst of the heat and cold away from your plants’ roots. Good roots help keep your plants and trees healthier.

Use a soaker hose instead of a regular hose or sprinkler.

Lining your garden beds with a soaker hose and turning it on in the evening helps more water get into your soil, rather than evaporating into the air throughout the day. It also reduces standing water on your sidewalk, so there is less erosion and fewer icy patches to look out for in winter. In addition, a soaker hose regulates the soil around the perimeter of your home’s foundation. Whether it’s summer or winter, dry soil near your foundation can make it shift or crack, which is never a good sign.

You don’t have to have the greenest thumb to make a few changes to your lawn. Just by adding some mulch and tweaking your watering routine, you can have a healthier yard with fewer maintenance needs. Your water bill will also get a break year-round. Contact Midwest Roofing for more home maintenance and renovation ideas or for help on any projects that can improve your roof and structure.