Quality Siding and Window Services

While the roof is often considered the first line of defense, your home’s siding plays just as important a part in protecting against the elements.

As such, if your siding is beginning to show its age, then new siding is well worth investing in.

In addition to preventing water from leaking in through your exterior walls, new siding also improves your home’s energy efficiency and curb appeal. You want your siding to last for years, which is why you choose quality material and a reputable installer, such as Midwest Roofing.

Our Siding Services

Midwest Roofing offers comprehensive siding services from Columbia to Springfield. Our highly trained and experienced contractors can repair damaged siding, safely remove old siding, and properly install brand-new siding. We ensure it will perform at an optimal level for years to come. We are also capable of repairing or replacing the soffit or fascia if needed, both of which are features which are essential to preventing moisture issues.

When we install new siding, it’s our goal to make sure the siding is effective and will last for years to come. It’s why we only carry and install the highest quality siding products available. The following are a few of the types and brands of siding we work with:

Vinyl siding

Vinyl siding is unique because the colors are baked in, which means the color you choose will never fade or get worn off. Additionally, the color options are practically limitless. It’s also a very low-maintenance, durable, and affordable option compared to the many other siding options out there.

Composite wood siding

If you want wood siding without the drawbacks of wood, then composite wood siding is an excellent alternative. It offers the beauty of wood while also being much more resistant to insects, moisture, and fire damage. We install Diamond Kote siding to give you the best composite wood siding option.

Diamond Kote offers one of the highest quality composite siding options on the market. It is available in 30 different colors and has a 30-year No Fade warranty. Additionally, this siding option has a 5/50- Year Limited Warranty for labor want product replacement (LPSmartSide.com has complete warranty details).

Aside from the warranty and vast color selection Diamond Kote siding is great for the environment. It is made with wood grown and gathered under strict Sustainable Forestry Initiative® standards and 99% of each tree is used in making the siding planks.

Fiber cement siding

James Hardie is one of the leading manufacturers in the siding industry. Their fiber cement siding products are known as some of the most durable siding options on the market. Fiber cement siding is easy to maintain, affordable, can complement any home design.


Choosing a Reputable Siding Company

When hiring someone to replace your siding, consider a company who will also take care of your roofing needs. Midwest Roofing does both siding and roofing repair and installation. You gain several benefits by choosing a company to do both your roof and siding. It ensures you invest in complementary siding and roofing for curb appeal and their overall performance. Hiring one contractor to do everything will also eliminate the hassle of coordinating with multiple contractors.

Installing New Windows

If you’re replacing your siding and your existing windows are beginning to show their age, it could be time to replace your windows. If you know your windows need to be replaced, but you wanted to wait, your siding will need to be removed again. It makes more sense to replace your windows at the same time you replace your siding. Additionally, you won’t have to worry about choosing a siding which matches the style of your windows since you can simply choose complementary windows as well.

Because it’s a good idea to install new windows when you’re installing your new siding, you should also look for a contractor who offers window replacement services. Our team can replace both your siding and your windows for you at the same time.

If you’re in need of siding repair or replacement from Columbia over to Springfield, be sure to reach out to us at Midwest Roofing to schedule a free inspection today.